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June 27, 2016

The expansion of PIB plant

We, JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation (Representative Director and President: Tsutomu Sugimori), are pleased to announce that we launched Front End Engineering Design for Polyisobutylene (hereinafter called “PIB", product name “Tetrax" and “Himol") plant expansion.

PIB is transparent non-noxious high-viscosity liquid which is used for sealing compounds of multi-layered glass and medical use adhesive, etc. We have developed the PIB business based on original technology since 1980 in order to add value to C4 fraction (By-product of Ethylene plant) at Kawasaki, Japan. Since we have been strongly worked for the improvement of PIB technology over thirty five years, our PIB is highly evaluated by global customers on its quality.

Currently, we have PIB plant which has production capacity of 7,000 tons/year, compared with 35,000 tons/ year (our estimation) of the global demand for PIB. The demand is forecasted to increase in Asia and over the world. To respond to the demand for the long-term supply sustainably, we will proceed to the further detailed-Feasibility Study to construct the new 5,000 tons / year of PIB plant.

We will advance the presence of our PIB business by improving the quality, developing the applications and reinforcing the stable supply structure to support our customer's business.

(Outline of the PIB project)

  1. Candidate location:
    JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation Kawasaki Plant (Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan)
  2. Commencement of construction:
    January to March, 2018 (plan)
  3. Commencement of commercial operation:
    October, 2019 (plan)
  4. Capacity of the new PIB plant:
    5,000 tons / year (Total capacity = 12,000 tons/ year)


(Sealing compounds of multi-layered glass)

(Production Flow)